Jequitinhonha River Restoration


Forest Restoration along 27 km of APP of the Jequitinhonha River - MG between 1990 - 2013.

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Metodologia Própria

Forest recovery in a mined area on the Jequitinhonha River alluvial system, where rainfall is practically absent over six months of the year and the substrate was made of clean quartz sand, earned the client and Brandt Meio Ambiente the Minas Ecologia Award, at category of soil recovery in 1996.

The work was approached, including the study of the local biota, so that the sources of regeneration were fostered by attraction of the local native fauna. Plantations were carried out, with seedlings produced in their own nursery, with Brandt's technical support over more than 20 years.

At the same time, Brandt provided the client with multidisciplinary monitoring of the most diverse fauna and flora groups, with assessment of invasive and spontaneous plants in the context of the implanted forest nucleation.

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Special emphasis on monitoring with invertebrates (myrmecofauna - ants), which allowed the establishment of recovery classes and effort zones for new investments when necessary, with more assertiveness and coherence regarding the regional landscape.