Strategic study of gas pipeline location alternatives in Uruguay


  • Generate Locational Alternatives of new routes for international pipeline
  • Reduce environmental risks in the management of legal enforcement conditions
  • Extremely complex environment considering the on / offshore transition

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Own Methodology

  • Intelligent approach, with multilayers analysis, using external and internal databases
  • Use of satellite images, VANTs and other cutting-edge technologies
  • Development of multi-data analysis algorithms for trace recommendations

Main modeled dimensions:

  • Routes already thought
  • Topography
  • Use of the soil
  • Susceptibility to erosion
  • Floodable areas
  • Protected areas
  • Geology
  • Pedology
  • Urban areas
  • Industrial districts (to identify customers on the way)
  • Highways
  • Among others
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  • Capex reduction of approximately 5% in relation to the base project
  • Route definition taking into account socio-environmental, economic and regulatory licensing risks
  • Performed ~ 10% of the time of a traditional layout study