Environmental services for historical-geographical studies and ecological-economic zoning


The fully mapped area, in the study area, has 241 km², that is, 24,100 hectares were visited. The IKONOS II satellite images, from September 2006, were used in the field, even with equipment from the PALM system, which allows visualizations and annotations, at any scale, online with the satellites of the GPS guidance system. A total of 47,000 km of car were driven by the mappers in stretches between the beginning of the study area (Jardim Canadá - Nova Lima - MG) and its end (Congonhas - MG), interspersing all the municipalities involved: Nova Lima, Brumadinho, Moeda , Itabirito, Belo Vale, Congonhas and Ouro Preto.

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Own Methodology

  • Historical and geographical study aimed at delimiting the Serra da Moeda and Calçada mountains
  • Formal and / or documentary consultations with official bodies (IBGE, IGA, IPHAN, IEFPHA, Public Archive)
  • Mapping of relevant historical and geographical aspects, which characterize these Mountains
  • Establishing a technically based consensus on the limits and location of the Sierras
  • Ecological-Economic Zoning of the Serra da Moeda and Calçada
  • Historical and geographical study aimed at delimiting the Serra da Moeda and Calçada mountains
  • Structured according to homogeneous environmental units, called biotopes, obtained by direct reading in the field, by a multidisciplinary team, with subsequent georeferencing on state-of-the-art satellite images. It is a methodology imported from Germany and adapted over 10 years by Brandt Meio Ambiente, together with CNPq and the Ministry of Environment of the German Government.
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  • Among the main results of the Ecological-Economic Zoning of Serra da Moeda was the identification of vocations for use and environmental potential, such as ecotourism, environmental preservation and sports leisure, as well as fragility attributes and related environmental aspects of each identified biotope. The analysis of vocations of use and environmental strengths / weaknesses allows the development of strategic and or regional planning actions for the Serra da Moeda and Serra do Calçado area
  • The zoning carried out made it possible to highlight emphases, according to local socio-economic or political demands. An example: when an entrepreneur wants to invest in the region, but has doubts about the environmental risks present in the area of interest, he can, consulting the Dynamic Zoning, make his first inferences about the guarantees or implications for the environmental quality of the same, as well as about the layout, in order to less impact the most vulnerable resources