Ecological-Economic Zoning of Productive Arrangements for Small Miners


The work involved and trained local consultants linked to CNPq who performed their work under our continuous guidance.

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Own Methodology

The applied methodology - Biotope Mapping (A. Brandt Foundation, 1997; slide 48, attached Technical Note) - allows a perfect understanding of the ecological aspects of the mapped landscape, dividing it into zones, which can be managed based on the guidelines of development, in addition to the thematic maps. The maps and data described are easy to handle and read, also aimed at ordinary people.

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  • The delivered works presented maps of economic-ecological zoning within a methodology developed by the Alexander Brandt Foundation, aimed at the small local planner. In addition to these maps, other maps containing thematic diagnoses of the studied region were prepared and delivered, as a source of consultation for all interested citizens. The result was surprising, given that the maps delivered, associated with the texts of regional diagnosis, became a very useful tool for local and regional territorial planning, especially with regard to the issue of mining and small miners.

  • The work, therefore, has reached and will reach, to the extent that it is used in practice, the desired planning benefits for the implementation of APLs and social inclusion.