Ecological-economic zoning of Municipalities that are part of the APA Sul of the RMBH


The objective of the work was to propose an EEZ methodology for APA Sul RMBH based on precise diagnostics, easy to read and access, aiming at planning in favor of sustainable development, in environmental, economic and social.
The goal is medium and long term territorial planning and the consortium between economic development and environmental conservation in APA Sul RMBH municipalities, according to their vocations and potential.
The study covered 292,979 hectares, corresponding to about 1.8 times the area of APA Sul RMBH.

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Own Methodology

Among the main activities related to the scope of this project, thematic Zoning stands out:

  • Biotope Zoning
  • Hydrogeological Zoning
  • Geological Zoning - Geotechnical
  • Agronomic / Forestry Zoning
  • Zoning of Mineral Potential
  • Anthropogenic Occupation Zoning
  • Zoning of Legal Aspects, Restriction of Use and Property
  • Zoning of APP's
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  • For each thematic area identified, technical sheets were prepared, 256 sheets in all, informing about the local environmental strengths and weaknesses, in addition to suggestions for proper management
  • A WEB system for presentation was developed, VIEWER format, which allows to consult the corresponding files in a simple way