Speleological studies


Brandt Meio Ambiente has expertise in the elaboration of several speleological studies, which aims to subsidize environmental licensing processes as provided for by the legal and normative aspects in force (at state or federal level) and also to support scientific research related to the subject in question.

Own Methodology

The company was a pioneer in conducting the first discussions and work related to processes involving environmental licensing in areas with cavities occurring, still in the late 1980s.
Recently, the company has been standing out in the market with the proposal of new methodologies involving environmental monitoring programs in cavities, with a focus on structural geology, geospeleology, geotechnics and photographic diagnosis.
During these years, caving studies have been carried out for several clients, among them Vale S.A, Samarco S.A, Votorantim Metais, Ferrous, AVG, CSN, Gerdau Açominas S.A and Sul Americana de Metais (SAM).

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Speleological studies

Brandt Meio Ambiente has a qualified technical team in the preparation of the following speleological studies:

  • Evaluation of multicriterial speleological potential,
  • Speleological Prospecting,
  • Evaluation of the occurrence of cavities using a Drone,
  • Cavity Topography,
  • Geospeleological diagnosis,
  • Biospeleological diagnosis,
  • Cavity Relevance Studies,
  • Cavity Influence Polygon,
  • Speleological monitoring (geostructural, photographic, fauna, atmospheric conditions and erosion processes),
  • Speleological compensation and
  • Speleological Management Plan.